Online Pain Therapy

The Most Comprehensive Online Pain Therapy Program: Pathways

The Pathways program includes over 60 online pain therapy sessions and additional custom sessions depending on your level of pain and condition – making it the most comprehensive pain therapy program available! We leave no stone unturned in our journey to free you from persistent pain.


"Pain is just your brain's opinion of what's going on in your body. We can change that opinion"

Sandip - Founder of Pathways

Our core pain therapy sessions are audio based and last anywhere from between 2 and 20 minutes. We make learning and practice interactive by incorporating interesting quizzes between sessions, you can record and track how your pain changes over time, and our visualization sessions are complimented with your own online avatar. When you can see pain melt away, it makes the possibility of breaking the pain cycle that one step closer.

We have an extensive free trial and affordable paid plans for complete access. And that’s backed by our money-back guarantee if you don’t see a reduction in pain.

Our Pain Therapy Sessions

Pathways Introduction: Understand how the Pathways program works

Pathways Key Concepts: An introduction to the key pain relief techniques we use

What Is Pain? Let’s go through what pain really means

Understanding Pain: We cover the basics on how the pain system works, and how pain doesn’t equal damage

Your Amazing Mind & Body: Realize what the mind and body are really capable of

Unlearning Chronic Pain: Understand how our brains are capable of unlearning chronic pain

Misconceptions & Starting To Retrain: Let’s break common misconceptions about pain, and start to retrain your brain

Being Skeptical: Be skeptical about the reasons for your pain and remove any doubt as to whether you can get better

Breathe Like a Baby: Learn diaphragmatic breathing – a key to stopping chronic pain and improving overall health

Official Diagnosis & Surgery: Get the facts on surgery and scans and how they relate to pain

How to Think of the Pain: How you think of the pain you’re facing is key in getting you better

Visualization Session 1 – A Gentle Introduction: Learn the benefits of visualization and let’s go through our first full visualization together

How Others Talk About Your Pain: The way others talk about your pain, and the way you respond matters. I explain best practices in this session

Physical Exercise 1 – Getting Started: We need to get your body moving. In this session, I explain how and why

Recap & What’s Coming Up: Let’s look back on what we’ve covered so far, have a quick recap, and then continue moving forward

Quiz! Our first fun quiz on what we’ve covered so far

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