Introducing Pathways. The App Designed To Cure Chronic Pain


How to write our first blog post? Where do we begin to describe the journey it has been getting here – to create and launch Pathways, the app we believe could change a big part of the world!

Well, it has been painful – that’s for sure! ?

Pain led me, Sandip Sekhon – the founder – on my journey to learn all I could about chronic pain and then create an app that would have accelerated my journey to pain relief.

Currently, hundreds of millions of people suffer from chronic pain and we want to make a dent in that number. It’s estimated that more than 70% of the hundreds of millions of people affected by chronic pain are doing so unnecessarily. In other words, there is nothing mechanically wrong with them. The pain is what is known as ‘neural pathway’ pain.

The brain may have developed the habit of creating pain for a number of reasons. For example, an injury may have healed but left behind a pain pathway that begins to fire whenever the person encounters anything related to the original injury. They may have had a build up of stress that they’re struggling to release – and the brain creates pain as a way of saying “pay attention to this!” or “let go of the stress!”.

Join us on this journey to help people find pain relief. In our blog, we’ll be talking about how we’re developing, people that we’ve helped and new medical research on chronic pain. If you haven’t already, follow us on social media and opt-in to our emails below!

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