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Global Chronic Pain Statistics [2018 Infographic]

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Chronic pain is the biggest global health burden. But most people don’t realize just how many people are affected by chronic pain. Our infographic lays this out.

We put this infographic together in an effort to help bring more awareness to the chronic pain crisis. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain, download our pain therapy app (links, resources and more towards the bottom of this post).

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chronic pain infographic

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United States: 30% of people live with chronic pain (between 100 and 116 million people)


Canada: Approximately 1 in 10 Canadians (10%) suffer from chronic pain (approximately 1.5 million people)


Mexico: Is is estimated that 27% of the population live with chronic pain (approximately 28.5 million people)


Brasil: 37% of people live with chronic pain (approximately 77 million people)


Chile: Approximately 5 million people live with chronic pain in Chile (27% of the population).


Bolivia: Chronic pain affects 33% of the population (approximately 3.5 million people)


Colombia: Chronic pain affects 46% of the population (approximately 23 million people)


Austria: Chronic pain affects 24.9% of the Austrian population (approximately 2.2 million people)


Belgium: 8.5% of people in Belgium suffer from chronic pain (938 300 people)


Denmark: 20.2% of the adult Danish population has chronic pain (approximately 1.1 million people)

Sjøgren, Per & Ekholm, Ola & Peuckmann-Post, Vera & Grønbæk, Morten. (2008). Epidemiology of chronic pain in Denmark: An update. European journal of pain (London, England). 13. 287-92. 10.1016/j.ejpain.2008.04.007.


Finland: The prevalence of chronic pain in the Finnish population is estimated to be 35% (approximately 2 million people)


France: 30% of adults suffer from chronic pain (approximately 20 million people)


Germany: The prevalence of moderate/severe chronic pain is estimated to be 14.5 to 25% (between 12 and 20.5 million people)


Iceland: Prevalence of chronic pain amongst respondents to a survey was 47.5% (which would be approximately 160000 people considering Iceland’s population)


Ireland: Breivik et al found a prevalence rate of 13% in Ireland (approximately 620,000 people)


Italy: Approximately 15.2 million people in Italy live with chronic pain (approximately 26% of the population).


Netherlands: 20% of the population lives with chronic pain (approximately 2.2 million people)


Norway: Approximately 31% of the population lives with chronic pain (approximately 1.6 million people)


Poland: 42% of people older than 65 years of age and 35.2% of the pre-elderly are affected by chronic pain.


Portugal: 31% os the population lives with chronic pain (approximately 3 million people)


Spain: It is estimated that 17% of the population is affected by chronic pain (approximately 8 million people)


Sweden: Prevalence is estimated to be 18% (approximately 1.8 million people)


Switzerland: 16% of the population suffers from chronic pain (approximately 1.4 million people)


United Kingdom: It’s estimated that 43% of adults suffer from chronic pain (around 28 million people)


South Africa: A prevalence of 42.3% was reported in rural areas and 41% in a more urban area.


China: A prevalence of 39.92% was reported amongst women vs. 32.17% amongst men (approximately 231.5 million men and 269.5 million women).


India: The overall point prevalence of chronic pain was 13% in a study performed with 5004 respondents (approximately 174 million people considering the general population).


Japan: It is estimated that 11% of the population lives with chronic pain (approximately 12.7 million people)


South Korea: Almost 30 percent of Koreans suffer from chronic pain (approximately 15 million people)


Singapore: Surveys indicate almost 20% of the population suffers from chronic pain (approximately 1.2 million people)


Malaysia: The population prevalence of chronic persistent pain in Malaysia is about 7% (approximately 2 million people)


Philippines: A prevalence of 10.4% for moderate and severe chronic pain in the general adult population is estimated (approximately 11 million people)


Australia: 20% of the population is affected (around 5 million people)


New Zealand: About 1 in 6 New Zealanders is affected by chronic pain (16.7% of the population or approximately 791,550 people).

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