Top 21 Chronic Pain & Illness Blogs

This article takes a look at some of the top chronic pain and illness blogs on the internet, along with giving you some basic information about them.

Pathways Pain Relief Blog

Shameless plug – we’ve gotta start with our own blog! We now have over 120 in-depth posts on all things chronic pain, written by chronic pain patients themselves, along with experts who share their insight. From understanding all available pain management techniques, to chronic pain recovery stories, how to live well despite pain, and so much more.

Our audience has been growing steadily, and we look forward to bringing you more evidence-based insight on chronic pain.

Practical Pain Management (PPM) – Pain Stories & Solutions for the Chronic Pain Patient

This section of the popular pain management site was launched in 2011, to provide information and hope for chronic pain patients. They include a variety of posts from many authors, talking about the experience of living with chronic pain. They explain that their site focuses on, “deep-dive condition and treatment overviews, relatable personal stories, and self-care strategies for managing pain and reclaiming one’s quality of life.”

Lupus Chick

Founded by Marisa, a chronic illness warrior, Lupus Chick provides information, education, a sense of community, and practical support for those with lupus and other chronic illnesses. 

Marisa’s aim is to give those with chronic illness the support she wished she had when she was first diagnosed. The website states: “we aspire to uplift patients, arming them with the resources, tools, and support they need so they can become the most dynamic version of themselves and positively influence the lives of others through their story and strength.”

Very Well Health: Chronic Pain

This section of the popular health website provides medically reviewed posts on many topics of chronic pain, including treatments, new scientific breakthroughs, and guidance on pain management. Each of their posts is written by, “healthcare professionals and industry experts including experienced doctors, nurses, and patient advocates, and is vetted by our panel of board-certified physicians.”

A Chronic Voice

This is a personal blog, founded and written by an amazing woman called Sheryl. She has experienced a wide range of chronic illnesses throughout her life. She now writes relatable, reassuring content to help others who are chronically ill to feel less alone and to be more informed. Her work aims to raise awareness and break down stigma. 

Sheryl states: “By sharing my experiences here, I hope to reach out to those who are suffering to let them know that it is okay to feel depressed, sad or frustrated. Let us simply get through it together one day at a time.”

Better Movement

Written by Todd Hargrove, an author and movement therapist, this website provides a range of articles on all things chronic pain, including pain science, treatment options, and of course, how to get your body moving. The benefits of exercise are well documented, and this blog provides insightful information for anyone who wants to know more about movement. 

Pain Science

This site is founded and written by Paul Ingraham, a former massage therapist, a writer, and a pain patient. He focuses on making the science of pain accessible for everyone, whether a medical professional, a pain patient, or just someone who is interested in learning more. Paul states: “The science of aches, pains, and injuries is surprisingly weird, controversial, and interesting. My job is to wrap my head around that science and translate it for both patients and pros.”

Spoonie Hacker

Based on the concept of the spoon theory, the Spoonie Hacker is an online magazine and blog written by and for chronically ill, disabled and neurodiverse people. The aim of the website is to provide life hacks and coping advice to the community. 

Their website states: “Spooniehacker aims to bridge the gap between mainstream media and the online chronic illness community. It’s a platform where we can celebrate and learn from each other, while rewriting some of the common stories about chronic illness and disability that exist in the mainstream.”

Mighty Well: Chronic Illness

Mighty Well has a great blog on all things health, as well as having a specific chronic illness section. They focus on providing content which empowers patients, as well as telling the stories of amazing chronic illness warriors. Their website states: “The mission of Mighty Well is to help patients and their caregivers turn sickness into strength. We are leading the global charge that changes the perception of patients from victims to fighters.”

Through The Fibro Fog

This personal blog is written by Claire, a woman living with fibromyalgia among a host of other chronic illnesses. She shares her experience of what life is like living with chronic illness, and works to raise awareness. She explains: “I post aspects of my daily life living with fibromyalgia and my other chronic conditions, my experiences of different medical tests and treatments, which I hope is helpful to others, and I also facilitate discussion of all things related to having chronic illness.”

Chronic Mom

This raw and honest personal blog is written by Shelly, a mother and freelance writer sharing her experience of living with fibromyalgia, among other health issues. She explains that the purpose of her blog is to let other people like her know that they are not alone.

The Mighty: Chronic Illness

The Mighty is a well known blogging site which allows contributors to share their experiences of a range of health issues. The chronic illness section allows chronically ill people to come together to share their own experiences through their blog posts. This allows their voice to be heard, allows them to connect with others who understand what they’re going through, and contributes to raising awareness.

Ali Hemsley

Ali is a 24 year old who thrives despite her chronic illness. She blogs about life with chronic illness, tips and tricks for keeping fit, general wellness, and fashion! Her blog is uplifting, fun, and informative. Too often stigma surrounds young people with chronic illness: Ali makes information accessible and fun to read. Her work helps to break down stigma around being chronically ill and young.

Despite Pain

Despite Pain is written by Liz, a woman who has lived with chronic pain for most of her life. She shares insightful blog posts sharing advice on how to cope with chronic pain, along with what living with a lifetime of chronic pain is really like. Her posts instill hope and determination, and are a pleasure to read.

Arthritis Health

Arthritis Health provides a range of informative articles and blog posts about the latest in pain science, the science of chronic pain, treatment options, and coping strategies. Written by medical professionals, these posts provide a detailed medical insight into chronic pain.

Chronic Illness Bloggers

As well as having their own blog on all things chronic illness, this website has created a community of chronic illness bloggers. They share and support one another’s work, and create a hub of information from people who live with a range of chronic conditions. They also share helpful tips and advice for starting a chronic illness blog. 

Their website states: “Chronic Illness Bloggers is a network of 800+ bloggers from all corners of the globe with a whole range of health conditions. We support each other and shine a spotlight on as many of our members as we can.”

Science Daily: Chronic Illness News

Although this is more of an online magazine, their posts keep you up to date with all of the latest science and treatments for chronic illness. It’s a valuable, detailed resource which can help you to be as informed as possible. Their website states: “ScienceDaily features breaking news about the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment, technology, and more — from leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations.”

Katie May

Written by Katie May, a young woman who lives with a number of chronic conditions, this blog focuses on living well with a chronic illness. She’s passionate about wellbeing and making the most of life, and this truly comes through in her writing. She states on her homepage: “Dive on in for wellbeing advice, chronic illness stories & management tips & travel guides with chronic illness & wellbeing being a priority.”

A Journey Through The Fog

Written by Jo Moss, this blog documents her journey living with severe M.E, among other chronic conditions. By sharing her experience, she aims to raise awareness and to help others. She states: “My aim is to empower, encourage, educate, support and give hope to those living with chronic illness and mental ill-health, and to use my platform to raise awareness of invisible illnesses.”

Fighting With Fibro

Stacey Chapman writes this honest and informative blog about her life with multiple chronic illnesses. She shares tips, coping strategies, and raw experiences which let other chronic illness warriors know that they are not alone. Her posts are incredibly helpful, relatable, and well written.

Invisibly Me

This blog written by Caz shares all sorts of realistic guidance for living with an invisible illness, along with raising awareness and providing insight into life with chronic conditions. The blog is well written, funny, emotional at times, and a joy to read.

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