Top 10 Chronic Pain Apps

This article takes you through 10 of the top chronic pain apps which can help you to reduce and manage your chronic pain.

Self-management of chronic pain is critical, and apps help you to do just that. Here’s a look at the most popular chronic pain apps that could help you get past pain.

Available on: Web app. Android and iOS apps have been discontinued to provide a better experience to more users via our web app.

Average Rating: 4.6 from 150+ Reviews

Key features: Mind body pain therapy program. Meditation and mindfulness area. Physical therapy area. Pain and wellbeing tracking.

Self plug alert! The Pathways program is created and run by us! Pathways combines mind body therapies to train your brain away from pain.

We’ve been working hard to develop Pathways, and we believe that we’re now the most comprehensive digital pain solution. You can check out everything we offer on our homepage.

The app (update Aug 2023: Pathways is now a web app! Start our program here) was founded by a chronic pain sufferer, and has since been contributed to by many pain specialists, medical doctors, physios, and mindfulness experts.

Our mission is to empower pain sufferers with safe and effective techniques that result in lasting pain relief.

Available on: iOS, Android and Web.

Average Rating: 4.2 from 250+ Reviews

Key features: Mind body pain therapy program. Meditation and mindfulness area. Chat bot.

Curable is one of the first apps to make pain therapy accessible. They state: “Our mission is to provide widespread access to evidence-based, safe, and effective chronic pain solutions for all those in need. We take the latest research in pain science and make it easy to understand, convenient to use, and affordable to access with or without insurance.”

The app was founded by three people who struggled with chronic pain and recovered. They now work to help others access the treatments they did.

Available on: iOS, Android and Web.

Average Rating: 4.4 from 1,800+ Reviews

Key features: Pain and wellbeing tracking. Export stats.

The Manage My Pain app allows you to keep an accurate record of your chronic pain, including symptoms and how severe they are. It also allows you to track your activity levels and any medication you’re taking. You can analyze your pain through easy to read charts and graphs. This lets you see any patterns in your chronic pain, and helps you to figure out what makes it better or worse. 

The app allows you to share your tracking information with your doctors in easy to read reports. This is really useful in helping medical professionals to see what you’re going through in a clear, professional way to get your point across.

Available on: iOS and Android.

Average Rating: 4.6 from 40,000+ Reviews

Key features: Pain and wellbeing tracking. Export stats. Community.

The Migraine Buddy app allows those who suffer from migraines to track and record their migraine symptoms. The app allows you to see patterns in your migraines and figure out potential triggers, so you can manage your migraines more effectively. You can print easy to read reports for your doctors, to help you get the treatment you need.

Another amazing feature of the app is it’s community section. You’re able to connect with other migraine warriors through chat forums, to support and encourage one another as well as share advice and tips. Lastly, the app provides a wealth of information to help you get more informed about your condition. Their website explains that this includes: “Access guides, templates, and tutorials created with world-leading migraine experts on how to navigate and reduce migraine days by increasing your knowledge.”

Available on: iOS and Android

Average Rating: 4.6 from 290+ reviews. 

Key features: Pain and wellbeing tracking. Export stats. Goal setting. Reminders. 

Care Clinic is a symptom tracker app which allows you to monitor your symptoms and your treatment goals, as well as your daily habits so you can notice patterns in your chronic pain. The app also allows you to create a plan, which tracks your medication, vitamins and minerals, any therapies you’re engaged in, and fitness and nutrition. You can even set reminders for appointments and medications times to keep you on track. 

The app can integrate with wearable devices, such as Google Fit and Apple Health, to keep up to date with your exercise regimes. You can easily figure out triggers and adjust your daily routine to improve your pain levels. The goals section keeps you motivated, and the records section allows you to share as much information as you would like with your doctors.

Available on: iOS and Android

Average Rating: 4.4 from 46+ reviews 

Key features: Pain and wellbeing tracking. Export stats. 

The pain tracker and diary from Nauolume was designed by, “an MD pain specialist and PhD pharmacologist to help users with chronic pain create a comprehensive picture-diary of the different types of pain felt throughout the day.” 

The app allows you to track and monitor pain levels in a very visual way, making it easy to navigate and understand. You can use the app to help yourself and your doctors be better informed, as well as to keep track of how well treatments are working.

Available on: iOS and Android

Average Rating: 3.6 from 100+ reviews. 

Key features: Pain and wellbeing tracking. Export stats. Support and community. Mindfulness. Exercise. 

Ouchie is a chronic pain treatment app which allows you to track your pain and create a personalized pain journey. They partner with other pain management providers to give you treatment options including: “meditations, support groups, exercises and stretches, meal plans, new treatment options, research, and more.”

Their app also has a community feature which allows you to connect with other pain patients, to reduce the isolation which so often comes with chronic pain. Ouchie has a reward based programme which keeps you motivated by gaining rewards for reaching your goals, supporting others, and monitoring your progress.

Available on: iOS, Android and Web. 

Average Rating: 3.9 from 200+ reviews. 

Key features: Pain and wellbeing tracking. Medication tracking. Export stats.

Flaredown supports all chronic pain and chronic illness conditions, allowing you to track your symptoms, monitor flares, and identify triggers. The app allows you to input your food choices, including food sensitivities. You’re able to track your medication, including dosage and side effects, which is particularly useful when testing a new medication. 

You’re able to log treatments, your mental health, the weather, and your activity level. Best of all, if you feel there’s something missing that you want to track, you can create your own category.

Available on: iOS and Android. 

Average Rating: 4.3 from 130+ reviews. 

Key features: Pain and wellbeing tracking. Medication and treatment tracking. Export stats. Community. 

The RA Monitor app is a Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) monitoring app, allowing you to effectively track your symptoms along with a wide range of RA specific triggers. The app allows you to connect with your doctor or specialist, so they can keep an eye on your symptoms and your progress even between visits. You’re able to track medication and treatment, and the progress you’re making a result. This helps you to make more informed decisions about your care. 

Pivotally, the app reduces social isolation and the feeling of being alone with arthritis, by allowing you to connect with other anonymous users who are going through similar struggles. They also provide vital information which, “helps get your RA under control, such as news, tips, and inspirations.”

Available on: iOS.

Average Rating: 4.8 from 60+ reviews. 

Key features: Virtual reality pain and anxiety treatment. Relaxation and mindfulness. Community. 

Flowly offers chronic pain and anxiety management tools to help you reduce your symptoms and aid in relaxation. You can use Flowly on your phone, or with a VR (virtual reality) headset and headset you can get with a subscription. The app combines VR and biofeedback to teach you relaxation techniques. They explain: “you will be able to monitor and adjust how you breathe, how you focus, and learn how to better regulate your own nervous system.”

You can also track your progress so you can see how the app is working for you. Flowly has a supportive community through the app of other people with chronic pain, so you can talk about your experience, share tips, and be there for one another. 

Editor notes: The average review has been taken from the Google Play or Apple AppStore – whichever has a higher review count. We’ve only included apps that have an active associated website, and meet other quality requirements.

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