Exercises for Chronic Pain

Explore our yoga, physio, and other exercises, designed to ease chronic pain

Have used this app for a week. It has already started to change my life. Every doctor should recommend this.
Wish my doctor told me about this app at the beginning. Would have not been tortured by pain for so long. Now I’m able to walk pain free and am starting to plan my future.
I feel like I now have my life back in my control. I can enjoy all the things I thought I would never be able to do again because of my back pain. Amazing app. Thank you.
It really changed my life. My whole outlook and approach to my pain has changed and after 3 weeks it has started to vanish. A fantastic app, I am already spreading the word!
A brilliant app. This can really make a difference to a huge number of people. I'm already spreading the word.
I've had years of back and neck pain that stopped me working. 6 weeks into this program and I'm having my first pain free moments. Thank you!


Practice key mobility, stretching, and strengthening exercises. Choose a difficulty level that suits you, plus the body part you’d like to work on, and get step-by-step instruction.

Our exercises cover every part of you. From back, neck and shoulder pain. To hands & arms, knees, all the way down to your feet.


The low impact and mindful nature of yoga exercises can have a huge positive effect on your pain levels. Explore routines just a few minutes long, all the way to more challenging whole body workouts.

If just getting out of bed is difficult, try our gentle seated routines. Or if you’d like to focus on a particular part of your body, you can choose to do that too. The self-help nature of our app empowers you to build your own pathways back to health.

Foam Rolling

Ever feel like you would love a deep massage to help ease pain? When no masseuse is around, foam rolling is the answer!

Foam rolling can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, and increase your joint range of motion. Our instructional routines make it easier than ever to get started and follow along.

Guided Breathing

Breathing exercises are one of the most direct routes to pain relief. They offer an array of proven benefits, and can be done pretty much anywhere.

We offer both calming and energizing guided breathing routines. From deep belly breathing, to box breathing to more stimulating routines such as Ujjayi.

More Than Just Pain Relieving Exercises

Our physio and exercise routines are just the start!

The Mind Area

Enjoy any one of our hundreds of meditations - specifically designed for pain patients. With multiple expert contributors, there’s something for everyone. Whether you need a quick dose of calm, or a deeper practice, we’ve got you covered.

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The Body Area

From head to toe, discover hundreds of physiotherapy exercises at every level of difficulty. Designed to improve strength, mobility, and reduce pain. You can also enjoy our growing number of calming or energizing yoga, exercise, and guided breathing routines.

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Pain affects every part of life. So in our masterclasses we go deep into specific topics, helping you to heal. From finding inspiration in Buddist healing practices, to delving into fascinating pain science stories - you’ll find them in our masterclass selection. Created by experts.

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Track Symptoms

Track factors that influence your pain and wellbeing. By understanding how your symptoms ebb and flow over time, you and your medical professional are able to make better, more informed health decisions.

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Guided Pain Relief Program

Our self-help program takes you step-by-step through every aspect of modern pain management. From understanding your pain, to dealing with triggers, developing a pacing strategy, CBT, and so much more.

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App Store Review

The sheer amount of effort put into this app is much appreciated. I’m just starting the pain relief journey with my chronic headache, but I’m comfortable knowing I’m in good hands spiritually, and from a knowledge and technique standpoint thanks to the information contained here. Keep advertising, there are millions of people who will find this useful.

Google Play Review

I believe in ‘signs’ I believe that we are at the place in life that we should be. I believe I found this app for a reason. I believe I will be pain free. What a fabulous app. So worth it. So well done. Brilliant indeed. Thank you. Thoroughly recommended.

App Store Review

Love the content, and it’s been very helpful, so I bought the premium membership. The guided journey and meditations have both been helpful, and I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my pain and symptoms.

Google Play Review

Everyone that has pain that keeps going on and on needs to download Pathways. It’s unbelievable that the know-how and exercises in the app aren’t common knowledge and the first step in resolving pain.

Google Play Review

Life changing app. For over 10 years I have been tormented by RSI and after several sessions of using this my pain has reduced substantially and I am doing many of the things I once gave up again such as video games as my pain is now low enough to do them.

Google Play Review

I have sciatica symptoms related to a bulging disc that have continued for a year. I have already found benefit in reduced pain symptoms after a few days. I am really shocked, in a good way. I am normally reluctant to pay for an app but compared to the thousands spent on gp, physio, chiro, pain medication, this is really not much. It has given me back some hope that my quality of life will improve which is priceless.

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