Chronic Migraines: The Scientific Mind Body Guide

The cause of migraines is still not well understood – despite migraines being one of the most widespread chronic pain conditions. Migraines are blamed on many different factors including: Family history of migraines Hormonal changes Foods, drinks or additives Changes in sleep pattern Changes in environment Stress and more… Whatever it is that causes your […]

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Back Pain: The Scientific Mind Body Guide

When our back hurts, we instinctively believe it’s because we’ve injured the area. After all, most pain works this way. When we cut our finger, we see blood and feel pain. When we get the flu, our body hurts as it battles the virus. But persistent back pain is different. Decades of research proves that […]

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Your Guide To Moving With Chronic Pain

Find your sweet spot by learning how to push yourself, but not too far. Acute pain is pain that indicates something is wrong. It has a specific precipitant (injury, infection, or illness) and subsides within a few days to about a month. In contrast, chronic pain is pain that is ongoing; with pain signals that […]

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We’ve Updated Everything!

We’re proud to announced Pathways version 2.0. What’s new? Everything. We’ve rebuilt Pathways from the ground up to provide a drastically improved experience for those in chronic pain. At the heart of Pathways is an ex-chronic pain patient, and I know how important it is to quickly make the link between how our thoughts and […]

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Chronic Pain Research & Stats

Global Chronic Pain Statistics [2018 Infographic]

  Chronic pain is the biggest global health burden. But most people don’t realize just how many people are affected by chronic pain. Our infographic lays this out. We put this infographic together in an effort to help bring more awareness to the chronic pain crisis. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic […]

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Science of Chronic Pain Quiz – What Do You Really Know?!

Pain, and especially chronic pain, is an often misunderstood topic. And it’s not surprising! Pain is a strange and often misleading sensation. These bites of knowledge are from chronic pain therapy app – Pathways. If you’re someone that suffers from chronic pain, or you want to learn more about pain science and therapy – app […]

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