About Pathways

Our mission is to empower pain sufferers with safe and effective techniques that result in lasting pain relief.

Chronic pain is a growing problem.

We believe that by creating the best digital pain relief tool, we can help patient’s take power away from their pain.

Chronic pain affects over 1 billion people around the world

Costs more than $550 billion annually (health care, lost productivity)

Built on the Biopsychosocial Approach

Pathways is built around a mind-body aka biopsychosocial approach to pain relief. Addressing all factors that contribute to the pain experience.

The biopsychosocial approach to understanding and treating pain is widely recognised by world leading pain specialists as the most successful pain model to date.

The Web App for Chronic Pain

Pathways is designed for people that have been suffering from pain for more than 3 months. In many cases, those that use Pathways have been dealing with pain for years, and even decades.

Our flagship pain relief program and wellbeing masterclasses are designed to train mind and body away from pain.

Pathways also offers 100s of meditations specifically designed for pain relief, as well as physiotherapy, yoga and exercise routines – with something available for all abilities.

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